Water Treatment Division

The Water Treatment Division is responsible for promoting , marketing , provide technical solution and selling products manufactured by :

  • BASF The Chemical Company
  • Bayer Lanxess Chemicals


This Division divided into 2 (two) Sales Team and specialized by respective products.


The Water , Waste Water Treatment Sales Team is responsible for :

  • Magnafloc LT 27 – Flocculant (Anionic Polyelectrolyte)
  • Magnafloc LT 425 – Coagulant (Cationic Coagulant)
  • Antiprex A (Polyacrylate Scale Inhibitor)
  • Color Removal


The Resins and Specialty Chemicals Sales Team is responsible for :

  • Lanxess Ion Exchange Resin

Lanxess Ion Exchange Resin Ranges of Product are :

    • Demineralization Resin
      • Strong Acid Cation Resin
      • Weak Acid Cation Resin
      • Strong Base Anion Resin
      • Weak Base Anion Resin
    • Softening Resin
    • Mixed Bed Regenerable Resin
    • Specialty resins