Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Kencana Zavira had been appointed with one big company in China to become an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) agent.

The Engineering, Procurement and Construction Division is responsible for Engineering, Procurement and Construction for projects of Clean coal gasification, Large-scale fertilizers, phosphate fertilizer, Petro-chemicals, etc.


Clean Coal Gasification

For 50 years, There have been undertaken engineering and construction of about 70 large and middle scale coal chemical plants in China, among which there are 20 plants with Shell Coal Gasification Process, 9 plants with GE process, 5 plants with Lurgi process, 2 plants with GSP process, about 30 plants with Chinese process.


Phospate Fertilizer

Since early 1980’s, has been nominated by the central government of China as professional design institute or engineering company in undertaking engineering of large scale phosphate fertilizers in China. Up to now, has undertaken engineering or contracting phosphoric acid plants in accumulated capacity more than 3.5 million MTPA while TSP/DAP/MAP/NPK in 5 million MTPA.

License used for P2O5: R-P, Prayon, Jacobs, Raytheon, Oxy, GCT/SIAPE etc. License for TSP/DAP/MAP: Yara (Hydro) , David, Jacobs, Espendesa etc.


Yunzhanhua 1,650 MTPD Ammonia Plant, Yunnan, China

(Largest coal based ammonia plant in the World, EPC on LSTK basis)

Hubei Fertilizer 1,200 MTPD Ammonia Plant, Hubei, China

(NG Feed shift to Coal Feed, SCGP, EPC on LSTK basis)

Qinghuangdao Huayin Phosphoric Acid Co. Ltd., China (EPC on LSTK)

(PA 275MTPD & Na2SiF6 20MTPD plants)

Huangmailing Phosphate Chemical Co. Ltd, Hubei China (EPC)

(DAP 800MTPD, PA 300MTPD, SA 900MTPD & Na2SiF6 20MTPD)

1,000 MTPD Ammonia Plant, 1,740 MTPA Urea Plant, 2nd Phase, Ningxia, China (NG base)